Carla Escobar Wilchez

Venezuelan with a broad career in finance, she began her banking studies at the National Banking Institute, and specialized in the sale and recovery of real estate.

His work was developed in the Bank of Lara until 1985, where he moved to the city of Caracas and where he developed he specialized in Advertising and Marketing at the University Institute of New Professions where at the same time he worked in the sales area . of Sofitasa financial company.

For 1996, he moved to New Jersey to invest and advise in the area of ​​Real Estate, founding Taurus LLC, which specializes in the purchase, construction, repair and sale of residential and commercial houses. At the same time Carla wrote economic articles to help Latinos Victims of Predatory Loans and Scams. Also during this time free advice is offered on how to save their homes or buy with government assistance (FHA). In the year 2010 he launched his first novel based on personal and family stories called: “La Cuarta Filomena”, and since then he has written 4 more books. He is currently writing a new work entitled “How to hunt toads”.

From a very young age he has dedicated himself to helping children and the elderly in situations of extreme need in his country of origin: Venezuela.

Today she has her residence in Miami and, motivated by the terrible crisis that Venezuela is going through, decided to create the Company of Medical Uniforms and Clothing, to help the most needy and unprotected of her country. Each piece sold helps to turn the child around, his main goal is to build a dining room for lunch, approximately 500 children.